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Sweetest melon fest in Khiva (7 , 2017)

26 (7 , 2017)

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(7 , 2017)

Backbone of Progress (2 August 2017)

The new International Charitable Public Fund Ezgu Maqsad (Good Intent) has been established (25 July 2017)

II International fruit and vegetable fair will be held at JSC "Uzexpocentre" from 6 to 8 September 2017 in Tashkent (18 July 2017)

Contest The best popular scientific article, dedicated to the memory of Islam Karimov (16 July 2017)


News in French

16.08.2017 Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov set visit Kyrgyzstan

16.08.2017 Uzbekistan`s foreign ministry delegation holds meetings in Astana

15.08.2017 Role of Public to Increase

15.08.2017 Critical Analysis, Exchange of Views

14.08.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev sends condolences to President of Egypt

14.08.2017 Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan discuss demarcation of state border

13.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan expresses condolences to Chinese President

13.08.2017 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan discuss border demarcation issues

12.08.2017 Central Asia the main priority of Uzbekistans foreign policy

12.08.2017 The center of Almalyk will be radically transformed

12.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with the residential buildings being built in Almalyk

11.08.2017 Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with head of UNRCCA Petko Draganov

11.08.2017 A new mine in Almalyk

11.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the President of the World Taekwondo Federation

11.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Bangladesh

10.08.2017 Initiative, striving for high results, strict observance of discipline important factor in execution of the assigned tasks

10.08.2017 Kyrgyz Ambassador: The Embassy Is Working in Samarkand Spirit

10.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of India

09.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of India

09.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Switzerland

09.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

08.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Oman

08.08.2017 Ambassador of Latvia Edgars Bondars completes his diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan

08.08.2017 Meeting with US Ambassador

07.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Afghanistan

07.08.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with special representative of President of Serbia

05.08.2017 Ensuring sustainable development of the economy an important factor of improving the well-being of the population

04.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Republic of Korea

04.08.2017 Development of literature, art and culture is an important factor in increasing the spirituality of our people

03.08.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan to participate in inauguration of President of Iran

02.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Pakistan

02.08.2017 Meeting of OIC Executive committee

02.08.2017 Toward Regularity of Meetings

31.07.2017 Abdulaziz Kamilov: Our Policy Builds on the Situation at Hand

31.07.2017 Keeping Abreast with the Times

31.07.2017 Uzbekistans Ambassador to S.Korea Starts Mission

30.07.2017 Appointment

28.07.2017 Appointment

28.07.2017 Condolences to President of India

28.07.2017 UN Secretary-General sent message to President of Uzbekistan

28.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan congratulates President of India

27.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the Minister of National Defense of Turkey

26.07.2017 All Projects Get Inspected for Signs of Corruption and Other Abuses

26.07.2017 Territorial and Administrative Changes Take Place in Tashkent Region

26.07.2017 Condolences to President of Afghanistan

25.07.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Israel

25.07.2017 Uzbekistan set to implement project management system

25.07.2017 Meeting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

25.07.2017 The transition to a modern system of agriculture is the imperative of time

25.07.2017 Currency Policy Under Spotlight

25.07.2017 Documents Enter into Force

25.07.2017 Indias SCO Coordinator Visits Uzbekistan

24.07.2017 Uzbekistan to open Consulate General in St. Petersburg

24.07.2017 Restructuring Tax Committee: IT Implementation Goes Faster

16.08.2017 Support for entrepreneurs

16.08.2017 Comfort, confidence and positive

15.08.2017 Fish farming: wealth under water

15.08.2017 Uzbekistan South Korea: cooperation in the sphere of ICT is developing

14.08.2017 Qashqadaryo Regional phase of the Businesswoman 2017 contest takes place

14.08.2017 Ways of achieving success

14.08.2017 RSE "Toshkent" sells 1.6 million shares during a week

13.08.2017 International business center Tashkent city to be created in Uzbek capital

13.08.2017 Uzbek-Korean FOSS forum to be held in Tashkent

11.08.2017 Senate discusses issues of enhancing country's export potential

11.08.2017 Small industrial zones set to be established in Tashkent region

11.08.2017 Supreme Audit and Financial Control Institution Gets Established in Uzbekistan

10.08.2017 Uzbekistan railways: new projects and modern services

10.08.2017 Tashkent and Shanghai districts establish partnership

09.08.2017 Open dialogue with young entrepreneurs

09.08.2017 Orzu small industrial zone to be opened in Namangan city

08.08.2017 High qualitative silk fiber by Andijon hanoy ipagi

08.08.2017 Uzbekistan uses investments for US$7.5bn in 1H

08.08.2017 Major Constructions

08.08.2017 Foire de Libramont 2017 is the largest agricultural exhibition in Europe, where Uzbek specialists have presented their products

08.08.2017 $7.2bn set to be utilised within Investment program for 2017

08.08.2017 In Qoraqalpoghiston, open dialogue held with young entrepreneurs and farmers

07.08.2017 Uzbekistan establishes Center for implementation of investment projects in water and agricultural sectors

07.08.2017 Modern trade center in Nukus

07.08.2017 Modern trade center in Nukus

07.08.2017 Delegation of Federal Treasury of Russian Federation visits Uzbekistan

07.08.2017 Uzbekistan set to export silkworm caterpillar

04.08.2017 IPC Sessions: Tax Policy and Social Issues

04.08.2017 Towards the Future with High-Tech Projects

04.08.2017 USAID helps link Uzbek farmers with the world

04.08.2017 Tashkent set to host International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum in October

03.08.2017 Decisive Factor, or How to Foster a Top Manager

03.08.2017 Experts in Agreement

02.08.2017 Andijan to Cement Investments

02.08.2017 Expert Platform

02.08.2017 IMF: Foreign Exchange Reserves Ample

01.08.2017 The Reform in the System of State and Corporate Procurements Begins

01.08.2017 Fruit and Vegetable Products from Uzbekistan to Go Recognizable Abroad

01.08.2017 Uzbekistan Procures New Machines for Laying and Repairing Railway Tracks

31.07.2017 Siemens Enters the Uzbek Market

28.07.2017 New Trading Chains

28.07.2017 Domestic Trucks Grow in Length

28.07.2017 Uzbekistan intends to improve its position in WB rating

28.07.2017 "Uzbekugol" and "Shargunkumir" transferred to JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari"

27.07.2017 More Opportunities for Business

27.07.2017 New Mechanical Engineering Center Created

27.07.2017 Farmers to Equip With Smart Cards

27.07.2017 The National Day of Uzbekistan to Be Held within EXPO 2017 in Astana

26.07.2017 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launches seminar in Fergana city

26.07.2017 IMF: Reserves of Uzbekistan provide an opportunity to confidently implement currency reform

26.07.2017 Brussels Calling

25.07.2017 Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Implement 35 Projects in Various Sectors of the Economy

16.08.2017 The embodiment of love for the great person

16.08.2017 Uzbekistan set to establish Institute for study of youth problems

16.08.2017 Labor Ministry holds meeting with U.S. delegation

16.08.2017 JSC "Insurance company Kafolat" establishes Council of Youth Union

15.08.2017 Human Interests the Highest Value

15.08.2017 Memorandum on Cooperation

15.08.2017 Bill Requires Improvement

15.08.2017 Athletes, Coaches Awarded by Presidential Resolution

14.08.2017 Contemporary Issues in Algebra Are to Be Discussed in 12 Plenary Sessions

14.08.2017 International tourism fair to be held in Tashkent in October

13.08.2017 Forum of young families and girls

13.08.2017 President approves measures to develop national cinematography

12.08.2017 Addditional electric train Afrosiyob starts to run between Tashkent and Samarkand

12.08.2017 Rostyn Griffiths joins Pakhtakor

12.08.2017 Holiday of workers of construction sphere

11.08.2017 President of World Taekwondo Federation awarded honorary title

11.08.2017 Careful Study of Draft Laws

11.08.2017 The most Exemplary "Primary"

10.08.2017 The Secret of Success: Love Life in Its Diversity

10.08.2017 In Cooperation with Production

10.08.2017 New Directions

10.08.2017 Projects for Yashnabad

10.08.2017 Migration and citizenship: what conveniences are created?

10.08.2017 President's Gift: Keys to New Homes

10.08.2017 Istedod to Provide Training Abroad for Specialists

10.08.2017 Trafficking in People: How to Deal with Evil?

09.08.2017 On upcoming International Conference in Tashkent

09.08.2017 Construction of New Guest Houses to Make Uzbekistan Mountains More Attractive for Tourists

09.08.2017 President approves measures for development of State Conservatory

09.08.2017 Projects on the Exit Sticker Abolishment and the Introduction of Foreign Passports Ready

09.08.2017 The XVI round of the Higher League of the National Football Championship

09.08.2017 An electric train started to run between Kokand and Andijan

08.08.2017 Bukhara Develops Pilgrimage Tourism

08.08.2017 Bukhara Hosted the Traditional Melon Festival

08.08.2017 Revival of the 12 Gates of Tashkent Is Projected


08.08.2017 TV5 Monde in Uzbekistan

08.08.2017 Uzbekistan set to organize 1300 school fairs

08.08.2017 Sergey Fomin wins International Tennis Tournament

08.08.2017 Winners to participate in international tournament

07.08.2017 Day of workers of railway transport

07.08.2017 Large companies to support creative organizations

07.08.2017 Reliable protection of motherhood and childhood

07.08.2017 Youth Union of Uzbekistan and Development Strategy Center agreed to cooperate

04.08.2017 On the Dream Wings

04.08.2017 Among the Global Best in Mathematics

03.08.2017 In Compliance with All Requirements and Standards

03.08.2017 Family Brake-ups Get Rarer

02.08.2017 Train Delivers Health to Regions

02.08.2017 View from the Window

01.08.2017 Discussion of the Bill on How Administrative Courts Consider Cases Begins

31.07.2017 Training Pilots First Off

31.07.2017 Youth Union created in Uzbekistan

31.07.2017 O'zbekiston 24: Live, without Templates and Preforms

31.07.2017 Amenities for Veterans

31.07.2017 Uzbekistan Airways conducts first non-stop Tashkent-New York-Tashkent flight

28.07.2017 Medicines to Become More Affordable

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