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2017 in Uzbekistan - Year of dialogue with people and human interests

Memorandum on Cooperation (15 August, 2017)
?The ceremony of signing a memorandum on cooperation between the Youths’ Union of Uzbekistan and the Center for Development Strategy has taken place in the capital.

Initiative, striving for high results, strict observance of discipline – important factor in execution of the assigned tasks (10 August, 2017)
On August 9, a videoconference under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev was held in Tashkent. It was devoted to the execution of tasks over the past 7 months of this year and achievement of the goals outlined in the Action Strategy for the development of our country, in renewal of all spheres of the state and society life, liberalization of the economy and creation of decent living conditions for the population, as well as during the dialogues of the head of our state with people at places.

Youth Union of Uzbekistan and Development Strategy Center agreed to cooperate (7 August, 2017)
The Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the “Development strategy” center signed a memorandum of understanding in Tashkent.

Development of literature, art and culture is an important factor in increasing the spirituality of our people (3 August, 2017)
On August 3, 2017, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting with representatives of the country’s creative intelligentsia. At the meeting, a detailed exchange of views took place on actual issues of development of the national culture, literature and art, ways of addressing them, important tasks facing creative unions and state organizations in this direction.

Keeping Abreast with the Times (31 July, 2017)
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s speech at a video conference on July 12 in the Oliy Majlis, which critically analyzed the performance of representative authorities and political parties, and set priorities to further streamline their work, caused a broad response in the society.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a dialogue with people (24 July, 2017)
The head of our state visited a garden of Aminjon Mukhammadjonov, who lives in “Guliston” makhalla of Parkent district.

Spotlight on Citizens' Appeals (22 July, 2017)
The parliamentarians of Uzbekistan have completed another off-site trip to the countryside for studying and analyzing the activities of executive bodies and meetings with local residents.

Survey: 48.8% of citizens positively assess activities of state bodies (13 July, 2017)
Action Strategy for further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for drastic steps to reform the system of public administration and public service, while their condition should be assessed by efficiency of activity of state bodies.

Youth of Uzbekistan: Smarter, Stronger and Happier (12 July, 2017)
Our people pin all their dreams, hopes and aspirations, the whole meaning of life, with the younger generation. If you ask any of our compatriots about his highest goal, he will not hesitate to answer that he dreams of seeing the happiness, wellbeing and growth of his children.

Saving Family Values (11 July, 2017)
Women's committees made the significant contribution to strengthening the atmosphere of harmony in families, the timely and reasonable solution of various issues, securing the employment of young people.

Innovative Approaches to Modernization (11 July, 2017)
The Center for Development Strategy has hosted a seminar on innovative approaches to the modernization of higher education. It discussed the goals and objectives of the advancement of the domestic system of higher education laid down in the Strategy for Action.

New Philosophy Imbued with the Spirit of the Strategy (5 July, 2017)
Is there a risk of internationalization of the disagreements between India and Pakistan in the SCO format? Is it possible to establish multilateral cooperation in the field of integrated water resources management? Will it be possible to achieve full-fledged inter-Afghan reconciliation? What is the essence of Uzbekistan's current foreign policy on the development of multimodal transport corridors? These and many other urgent questions were answered by the participants of the regular meeting of the International Press Club (IPC) taken place last week in Tashkent.

Seminar on propagation of Action Strategy (30 June, 2017)
The Tashkent city council of the Uzbekistan People’s Democratic Party in cooperation with the Olmazor district council of the party held a seminar in the capital city to explain to medical workers the essence and significance of the 2017-2021 Action Strategy on five priority areas of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

UN welcomes steps of Uzbekistan on protection of human rights and interests (28 June, 2017)
A briefing was conducted at the UN Office in Geneva on the results of the visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein to our country, as well as modern advancement of Uzbekistan with an emphasis on the realization of the Strategy for Actions of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan along five priority directions in 2017-2021.

New Bills Discussed (26 June, 2017)
The Center for Development Strategy has conducted a meeting devoted to the discussion of draft laws on amendments and additions to the laws "On public control" and "On the appeals of individuals and corporate entities".

Uzbekistan - UN: the beginning of a new stage of cooperation? (23 June, 2017)
Temporary acting United Nations Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan, Sasha Graumann, shared his opinion on the outcome of the recent visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to our country at the regular session of the International Press Club in Tashkent on "Multilateral Cooperation: A Collective Response to Present Challenges".

Commissions’ work improving (23 June, 2017)
Neighbourhood citizens gatherings’ commissions have a big role in thoroughly studying the socio-moral atmosphere in neighbourhoods and families, giving proper education to young people and finding sensible solutions to people’s topical issues through a reasonable approach to them.

Dialogue with the people: problem - solution - result (20 June, 2017)
The next off-site visit of deputies and members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis to the regions of the republic was ended. The parliamentarians studied the state of housing and communal, road transport, medical and educational spheres, analyzed the development of entrepreneurial activity, banking, trade, consumer services and employment.