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Speech of President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday (21 March, 2016)

Festive greetings of the President Islam Karimov to the women of Uzbekistan (07 March, 2016)

Role of women in modern Uzbekistan (03 March, 2016)

Youth is decisive force of our today and tomorrow (22 Feb, 2016)

Healthy People is Capable of Great Achievements (16 Feb, 2016)

Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur (12 Feb, 2016)

ICT an important factor of national progress (12 Feb, 2016)

Uzbek agriculture: progress and achievements (12 Feb, 2016)

The Uzbek model of development – basis of the country's prosperity (12 Feb, 2016)

The pride of Uzbek people (04 Feb, 2016)

The great Uzbek poet revered worldwide (30 Jan, 2016)

Trips to Uzbekistan are joyful and interesting (27 Jan, 2016)

Nation's Health is the key to state's progress and prosperity (25 Jan, 2016)

Development of the education system - one of the most important priorities in Uzbekistan (21 Jan, 2016)

Report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016 (17 Jan, 2016)

Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals (26 September, 2015)

Securing Human Rights in Court: National and International Practice (25 September, 2015)

Guarantees of Access to Information: Uzbekistan’s Experience (25 September, 2015)

Studied and Spread: Uzbekistan’s Expertise in Women’s Role in Civil Society Formation, Public Administration (15 September, 2015)

Securing the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights and Interests (10 September, 2015)

Development of agriculture in Uzbekistan during the Years of Independence (10 September, 2015)

Independence – the basis of the economic development achievements of Uzbekistan (10 September, 2015)

On the way to improve the judicial system (10 September, 2015)

Uzbek model of education - key to achieve the goals of sustainable development (10 September, 2015)

Sport achievements of Uzbekistan in the years of independence (10 September, 2015)

Greeting speech by President of Uzbekistan at the festive ceremony to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Independence day (01 September, 2015)

President Islam Karimov’s Keynote Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Tenth Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival (30 August, 2015)

Letter from the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary - General (24 July, 2015)

Invitation for collecting letters of interest for participation in privatization of joint stock companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan (21 July, 2015)

Issues of development of civil society in Uzbekistan discussed in Berlin (13 July, 2015)

Tashkent hosted round table on ICT development (05 July, 2015)

Tashkent hosted round table on how to reach out officials and public about new laws (01 July, 2015)

Protection of children’s interests and rights is a priority task (20 June, 2015)

"Summer - 2015: Country of happy children" (19 June, 2015)

Trade Unions in implementation of the State program "Year of attention and care for the senior generation" (19 June, 2015)

Cooperation in the field of training of lawyers (19 June, 2015)

Analysis Of Drug Situation In Uzbekistan For 2014 (17 June, 2015)