The Briefing «Education system in Uzbekistan »
(Brussels, 6 March, 2007)

The Briefing dedicated to the education system in Uzbekistan and its development prospects was held at the Uzbek Embassy in Brussels on 6 March, 2007.

Representatives of the educational institutions of the Benelux countries, leading universities and institutes of Belgium and Netherlands, the EU council directorate general for education, culture and science, as well as diplomatic corps accredited in Belgium participated at the event.

The participants of the presentation have been fully acquainted with peculiarities of the Uzbek model of educational reforms carried out in the country, implementation of the National program for cadres training, and betterment of activities of higher and secondary educational institutions.

Presentation of Mr. Ya Irgashev, representative of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan is available here

The film entitled “Dynamic Uzbekistan” about the modern development of Uzbekistan during the years of Independence has been demonstrated at the event.

The head administrator of the general directorate on education and culture of the EU Committee D.Dimitriadis said that he has learned a lot new about the educational system in Uzbekistan, efforts undertaken by the Uzbek government to modernize and enhance this important sphere.

The head of the international relations office of the High institute of interpreters in Brussels, Professor Jean Gomez said that Uzbekistan and Belgium are linked with the long-standing partnership relations in education system.

He also said that the Institute is going to continue the mutual beneficial cooperation with the Uzbek State University of World Languages, in particular in the programs of teacher exchange and method of teaching.