Briefing on results of investigation of the tragic events
in Andijan on 12-13 May, 2005
and presentation of the book “Andijan today”
(Embassy of Uzbekistan, Brussels, 5 October, 2006)

The briefing, dedicated to the results of investigation of terrorist acts, committed in the city of Andijan on 12-13 May, 2006 and presentation of the book “Andijan today” took place at the Embassy of Uzbekistan on 5 May, 2005.

The representatives from the Diplomatic corps, accredited to Brussels, political, academic and expert circles of Belgium, participated at the event.

It was mentioned at the briefing, that the results of the investigation of terrorist acts in Andijan on 12-13 May, 2005 have revealed that preparations by the terrorists, whose objective was to overthrow the constitutional order in Uzbekistan and seize power, began long before the events took place.

In the course of investigation, it was revealed that the criminals had drawn up a painstaking and detailed plan that envisaged the following phases:

Phase 1: Organization of combat groups; creation of a training camp for fighters; training and arming of fighters to prepare them for combat operations;

Phase 2: Reconnaissance activities to identify locations of targets; creation of maps showing the location of facilities belonging to those targets; collection of information on the operation of those facilities and on numbers of security guards and staff; selection of routes to be used by the combat groups;

Phase 3: Armed attacks on pre-selected military and police facilities with the aim of seizing weapons and ammunition; illegal release of prisoners from a jail and subsequent seizure of local government and administrative buildings with the involvement of those freed.

The investigation took comprehensive measures to identify all people killed in the terrorist attack; some cases of burying without prior informing investigation agencies were identified; forensic examinations to identify death causes were conducted. It was determined that as a result of terrorist acts, 187 people died, of whom 60 were peaceful citizens including 2 minors, one woman, 31 law enforcement officers and military servicemen assassinated by terrorists. Fifteen of the 70 hostages were brutally murdered by the terrorists. 94 terrorists were killed taking antiterrorist measures. Two hundred and eighty-seven persons were injured, including 91 civilians, 49 law enforcement officers and 59 soldiers.

Following the tragic events in Andijan, investigative actions were carried out to identify those involved in the criminal acts and to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the events.

It was noted while presenting the new book “Andijan today” that Andijan and Andijan province have a special place in the history and modern life of Uzbekistan.

After Uzbekistan’s gaining of independence in 1991, it became possible in the land of Andijan to realize to fully reveal existing potential of the region. At the briefing it was underlined some important facts.

In the first years of independence, Uzbekistan set up an automobile industry. Important historical event, due to which Uzbekistan entered the list of 28 world countries – automobile manufactures, happened in the land of Andijan by the establishing of joint venture “UzDAEWOOauto”, which was built in Asaka town of Andijan region in 1996.

Small business and private entrepreneurship are also rapidly developing in Andijan. Currently the share of this field in GDP of the region amounts to 38.7 percent.

It is also should be mentioned, at the current time there are 69 joint ventures in Andijan region, which were established in cooperation with leading companies and firms from the developed countries of the world.

The Andijan province is the largest producer of cotton and cotton fiber in Uzbekistan.

All these facts confirm that the residents of Andijan and Andijan province – representatives of more than 100 nations and ethnicity live together and work together with the people of all Uzbekistan for the common sake of achievement of aims for construction strong independent democratic state with socially oriented market economy.

In the course of the briefing, the documentary film entitled “Akromits” was presented, telling about the religious-extremist sect “Akromiya”, which according to the investigation results was behind of the terrorist acts in Andijan on May 12-13.

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